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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Urology and Urologic Surgery is to provide the highest standards in state of the art medical and surgical healthcare to the men and women of East Tennessee and surrounding areas. While pursuing these high standards of care, we diligently work to educate future medical providers. We also participate in patient-oriented research to improve urologic health care treatments and maximize the quality of life for our patients.

Our Vision

Urology and Urologic Surgery continues to strive to improve access to quality urologic healthcare for patients in East Tennessee and surrounding areas. Our vision is to develop healthcare plans that provide patient education, individualized urologic care, and achieve health goals to increase the patient’s autonomy and help improve their urologic health. We provide an environment where the patient, family, and providers can develop effective and affordable urologic healthcare solutions.


  • Excellence in individualized patient care
  • Shared decision making between providers and patients
  • Responsiveness to specific patient needs
  • Compassionate and safe patient care
  • Patient-oriented education of disease states
  • Strong morals and honesty upheld for all practices
  • Guidance for self-care
  • Collaboration with extended healthcare team